VSCode No Reload Extension Install in Version 1.31

Ahmad Awais ⚡️ on February 06, 2019

VSCode v1.31 just released has an amazing new feature. Now you can install Visual Studio Code Extensions without having to reload your VSCode insta... [Read Full]
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I honestly never really cared that much. For me it’s just:

  1. Click the reload button.
  2. Wait at most 5 seconds with just the background color showing.

But knowing myself, I’ll probably never be able to come back.


That's atually made say (actually internally) WOO!

I can mind the max 10second delay to reload the editor. However it's a nice addition among others nonetheless.


When you use tmux connected to project root session as vscode terminal, you dont care. Google tmux vscode. I bet this article is on 1 page

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