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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Maciej Raszplewicz

Thanks for this article!

My main problem (not the only one though) with JavaScript tooling is that my code doesn't compile after some time.

A recent example: I had to change something on our website which is built using Gatsby, I did it and was surprised that I can't deploy it anymore. It was about half a year since the last change and yes we have package-lock.json committed to the repository. This is not an exception - I had a lot of similar issues in the past mainly with Angular projects, this is just the most recent example.

Soon we will have a big issue in the java world too - JCenter is going to be shut down, but at least I know it in advance and can prepare for that!

I hope that non-javascript frontend frameworks like Blazor will become popular and we will have other options than JavaScript tooling.

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