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Why hosting isn't free!

mrbeanguy profile image Bean ・2 min read

As many developers and most people past the age of 12 know Life sucks people suck and the internet oh god the internet NEVER and I mean NEVER gives anyone a break. I went on to someones computer the other day (Not Illegal at all), Once I infiltrated their history and search results I started to see one word in particular, this word was: FREE. I started to think why would they ever think they can get anything for free? This is what brought me to write this article, Now let me explain to you why nothing is free.

Now as I told you most developers aren’t stupid they know that you can’t find anything without a catch, now that brings me into today's sponsor… no no i’m just joking. But I wanna keep this article short and sweet, so let's get into today's main topic: Why Hosting Isn't Free.. There are many reasons why hosting isn’t free, Do you know how much servers cost? The average cost to rent a small business dedicated server is $100 to $200/month. You can also set up a cloud server starting at $5/month, but most businesses would spend about $40/month to have adequate resources. If you wanted to purchase a server for your office, it may cost between $1000-$3000 for a small business. This is according to ServerMania. I’d like to point out that small businesses usually don’t get the start up they need to pay for servers, so they go to hosting companies, Companies like BlueHost and DreamHost only charge 25.99$ which is perfect for small businesses and some big ones too, This is one of the reasons why Hosting isn’t FREE. BlueHost is the leading hosting company they most likely send millions of dollars just to make sure their user base is happy, That is why hosting isn’t FREE.

If you have any question feel free to contact me or write me a comment.

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killua profile image
killua (he/she/they)

netlify has entered the chat...

mrbeanguy profile image
Bean Author

I wouldn't call netlify is a host host, more like you can run websites through their servers

maxpou profile image
Maxence Poutord

they have a freemium plan like github/gitlab pages. It's a bit different :)

tqbit profile image

If you mean free as in 'no $ charged', I'd like to kindly disagree. There are plenty of hosting providers who offer free tiers. Just then, without meaning to offend anybody, you're part of their marketing budget as you're carrying their domain in yours.
Or you cause a close-to-zero-margin cost, the same reason why there's economy class on flights. For scaling up - if you hire 20 more people for your business and they need space to work, you obviously can't get that for free either.

Take Hostinger, who has 000webhost, there's the free hosting for wordpress powered sites and - it's been said yet - there's serverless 'hosting' from Netlify, Heroku or Github pages.

mrbeanguy profile image
Bean Author

But they don't offer subdomain creation and nameservers many of which alot of developers need.

tonyketcham profile image
Tony Ketcham

wait til you hear about the JAMstack...

snickdx profile image
Nicholas Mendez

Exactly what I was thinking, these days you can deploy entire solutions at scale with free tier APIs at almost no cost (sans the domain).

mellen profile image
Matt Ellen

I didn't pay a penny for Geocities...

redcreator37 profile image

Except perhaps if you self-host, but then you still have to pay for the electricity (and deal with all kinds of script kiddies). You still have to pay for a domain tho 😀.

mrbeanguy profile image
Bean Author

Very true, but the only way to self-host is to keep their PC online 24/7. Any no one wants todo that xD.

austinhuang0131 profile image
Austin Huang

raspberry pi

devzlx profile image

well self hosting is free and it is hosting but your doing it so you could say that hosting is 95% free or something like that