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Why Hosting Isn't Free - Search For Free Hosting.

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I've saw a lot of your guys opinions on Why Hosting Isn't Free and I read them taking the time to search up each ones features. I'd like to state most hosting comes with subdomains creating and DNS a lot of useful stuff, programs like this limits what developers can do so in favor of you guys I'm going to tell you what hosting to use if you wanna get all of the tools for free! When I wrote that article I wasn't really thinking about which I've used in the past and so i'd to tell you about it. The name of the hosting is called: BYET. A weird name, right? but that's besides the point here's a list of some of the main features!

5GB Disk Space
FTP account and File Manager
Control Panel
MySQL databases & PHP Support
Free tech support
Unlimited Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
Free Community Access (Forums)
Clustered Servers
No ads!

Pretty Cool, Right? I honestly love this hosting even though I do not use it anymore as I got an .XYZ and I have hosting through my friend. So I thought I'd tell you guys about it! Just search BYET and you'll find it almost instantly! I love to hear what you guys have to say so please comment!

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ik about the grammer mistakes sorry :D