shmop_open() thoughts?

Hi everyone,

I have come across shared memory in PHP and I could use it in a application I am currently working on to share data across php processes in a web environment.

Has anyone had experience using these functions in a production environment (shmop_open) etc.

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Not used shared memory in PHP, however these look to be direct mapping to the underlying libc / SYSV functions, which I know are used in apache httpd if you choose a multi-processing model (look at the scoreboard handling):

IIRC some databases also use shared memory extensively (possibly Postgres)?

I last used shared memory back in '92 on a course...

Thanks, Phil.

I was testing it earlier and it seemed to be quite slow (1.2 seconds) just to get a key back from the ftok function, this was on Windows though...

I think I will just go straight to the DB and store the value in there.

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