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As A Front-End Developer in 2021

Danish Saleem
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I've compiled a list of some things I think it will be useful to learn for front-end developers in 2021.

1. The Basics

A good place to start is going back to the basic. When was the last time you wrote simple plain HTML, CSS & JavaScript?

If it's been a while it might be time to revisit and make sure you're up to date with the latest standards.

2. Libraries / Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks / libraries, like React, Vue, and Angular, are very popular at the moment so it's a good idea to try out at least one of them.

3. Static Site Generators

Static site generators are also quite popular and work well for smaller projects.

There are a lot of static site generators out there but I would recommend you try out Gatsby, Hugo or 11ty.

4. Progressive Web Apps

PWA's have been around for a while but with more and more focus being put on website performance it's a good opportunity to learn something new & improve your projects.

5. GraphQL

If you're working with data then you should definitely give GraphQL a try. It also pairs very well with JavaScript frameworks and static site generators.

6. Automated Testing

All production code should have some automated tests, so if testing isn't your strong suite then it might be time to skill up. Jest tests work well with JavaScript frameworks and if you're looking for some end-to-end tests try out Cypress and Backstop.

If you have any additional suggestions leave them in the comments and share what you will be learning this year.

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