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JavaScript Project Ideas

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1. Quiz ApplicationQuiz Application

Choose a topic that interests you and create a dynamic quiz using JavaScript. Keep track of the users score and notify them which answers are correct. As an added challenge add a timer to each question.

2. Form ValidationForm Validation

Create a user input form that ensures that users are correctly filling in inputs with correct types and restraints. Form validation is common in front-end development and necessary to mitigate security risks. Add CSS classes that turn the input red on incorrect submission.

3. Tetris GameTetris Game

Using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript you can create a fun interactive game. JavaScript can be used to create fully-fledged games in the browser or an external game engine platforms. Be sure to check out external 2D and 3D libraries to integrate with your project.

4. JavaScript ClockJavaScript Clock

Learning how to work with time in JavaScript is important. First, display the current time in your current location. Then, allow the user to change time zones. Checkout MomentJS library when working with displaying dates and times.

5. Chat ApplicationChat Application

This project gives you the opportunity to work on both front-end and back-end skills. This project also requires you learn about websockets for real-time connection.

6. MP3 PlayerMP3 Player

Learn to interact with audio files using JavaScript. Build out the UI to play, pause, stop and restart and audio recording. Once you've learn to create your own MP3 player, look into libraries such as AmplitudeJs and APlayer to avoid rolling your own.

7. JavaScript AnimationJavaScript Animation

JavaScript has a variety of animation libraries that are definitely worth exploring. In fact, all of the previous projects can incorporate some animations.

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