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Tools I Use As A Software Engineer

Danish Saleem
Software Engineer πŸ’» | OSC πŸš€ | Passionate learner, improving, evolving... πŸ™Œ
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Programming Languages

Programming languages is a personal preference based on your interest...!!!

I prefer: JavaScript, Python

If you are a beginner just grab a language and start coding

IDE'S / Code Editors

I use atom for python and VS Code for rest of all my languages. But now I've started using VS Code for python as well.

I recommend you to go with: Above mentioned and sublime text, atom, noted pad++ etc..

Which one do you use? Let me know in comments below πŸ˜‰

Version Control

These tool help me to keep track of my code/projects. I use GitHub / git command line

Other alternatives that you can try out are GitLab, Bitbucket, Git Bucket, Launchpad etc...

Design Tools

One of my personal favorite is the Adobe XD!!! I use this tool to have an idea about how the UI?UX should be designed, how the website to be designed and so on these tools help me to think creative.

Other alternatives: Figma, Coral Draw, Canva etc...

Websites / Apps

Stack Overflow: bug solving - everyone know this discussion forum
Geeks for geeks: reading articles / examples
The Verge: for tech news
TED talks: For new ideas and awareness
Microsoft Todo: As to do list
YouTube: for tutorials reading articles tips and tricks and much more...!!!

What tools do you use - Comment below 😊

Discussion (3)

adrianomartins profile image
Adriano Martins

Figma is a total game changer for teams that want to elevate their design game. 🀘

adrianomartins profile image
Adriano Martins

We recently started using Loom to send quick videos/screencasts/messages when you can do a quick video call with somebody. Pretty unlocking when you're with little time on your hands.

mrdanishsaleem profile image
Danish Saleem Author

Never heard of Loom but I'll check it out.