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Discussion on: How I use Notion as a developer

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official_dulin • Edited
  • Quick links => Microsoft Edge Bookmarks. Use file catalog to classify, use search to find quickly, cloud sync for all platforms.
  • Task List => GitHub Project, Trello web version.
  • Blog => Evernote markdown, tag, cloud sync for all platforms.
  • App Ideas => Evernote.
  • Emails => Send important emails to Evernote, delete unimportant ones, and keep the mailbox clean.
  • RSS => Share valuable content to evernote


The core principle, the browser is my centralized work platform. Open a VSCode editor, there are only 2 desktop programs: browser and VSCode(sometimes use Evernote desktop version), because I don’t want to open a bunch of desktop programs and switch between them.

Workflow and tools depend on personal choice, there is no right or wrong, the best for you is the best