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re: everyone's negative reactions to this are so revealing. if it truly wasn't a big deal to you what the word means, then you wouldn't be opposed to ...


I'm totally Not-Opposed to the rename. If you are really happy renaming your repos and after that feel that there's less opression in the world, go ahead. I won't agree, but won't oppose.

What really bugs me is a tendency to free associate anything and try to fix things that are not broken. Master in git is not referring to slavery. Master/slave jargon is not about people but about hardware and software. Who cares if they are slaves. Slavery is an institution that existed and we dont change that by not naming it. Should we suppose to be offended by history books then?

Also slavery is not limited to "black" race. And that leads me to whitelist and blacklist, which are totally NOT about races, but symbolism in colors.

And speaking of colores, so-called "black" people have not black skin but somewhere in the of brown scale. Same as the "white" people who have light-pink-yellowish skins.

There are no racial connotations in this use of the colors to represent "allow" vs "block".

If you are walking in the street and see a house with the lights on, you'll probably see more "white-ish" than "black-ish". Things will be in sight and the house would be more inviting for you to enter.
While if you found a house with all lights off, you will probably see more "dark - black-ish" picture, and probably can't see what's inside the darkness.

Many "dark" things were historically done by night, in part because one can hide in the darkness, but also because in absence of light, life vibrates different. Energy is different. See Netflix's "Night on Earth" for more of this.

Best regards

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