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Discussion on: Getting started with Tailwind and React: Implementing responsiveness.

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Yogini Bende Author

Bootstrap will load unnecessary CSS into your project and also will not give you as much flexibility as Tailwind gives. I have been using Bootstrap for more than 3 years now and can tell this that while bootstrap you end up overriding styles a lot!! Which start getting messier when you are working in a fairly large team or on a large project. Tailwind is better in this case because it just gives you utility classes to define your own components opposite to bootstrap where you have to use their component.

Again, this all things end up at what you prefer over what. Both libraries have their own pros and cons, and both works best at their own place. This is one of the most debatable topics, but ultimately you have to prefer one best suiting your use-case.

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Muhammad Haseeb

Got it. Thanks

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Andrew Baisden

Its true what you said Bootstrap is too bloated.