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Discussion on: If (all) else is complicated, switch to switch?

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Yogini Bende

Would like to understand the reason for not allowing switch (if you can share). Because. even I have started using switch over if-else in many cases. It just make more sense to me.

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🐤🥇 Jasper de Jager Author

I think it is because it takes an extra thinking step.
if/else-if is more easily read as a sentence. But please let me know if there are other reasons.

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Naseki • Edited

Just a bit of a guess here, but I think the switch statement is considered a last resort when you have a ton of conditionals that can't be done any other way.

The switch statement may be like a logic shortcut when there may be another solution out there. Sometimes if/else is sufficient and reads easier when you really don't have that many statements. Sometimes a quick if like if (!someExpressionA) { return console.log('yes') } may be a less intensive solution. And some people just don't like using conditionals at all and prefer to use objects whenever they can.

I kinda use all four solutions depending on the situation, so maybe @dantederuwe 's friend didn't pass because there was a better solution. Just a total guess of course!

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