Discussion on: The Blessing of Rejection (or Growing Past the "No")

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Arit Amana Author

Theofanis these are great suggestions!

Always get detailed feedback from failed interviews: So you know what are the potential weaknesses on your profile.

Yup this is what I'm doing, though not every hiring manager or recruiter is as forthcoming.

Unless not specified put work-from-home assignments on github so you can enhance your CV.

Yes I have a number of personal projects on my GitHub and I'm adding more.

Participate in Meetups and coding groups in your area as you can find senior developers who can vouch for you or suggest a path to go.

This is a bit tricky for me as I have 2 young children 🤗 and many meetups are at evening hours. However I have a few fantastic dev mentors who have guided my journey greatly.

Try to contribute to at least one major Open Source project and mention that in your CV.

Ooh you know I DONT mention my opensource activity in my resume. I always assumed people would see it in my github lol. I'll do this 👍