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re: Hello everyone! This is Timi, 30 years old full stack dev girl, working remotely, travelling, living in Spain for a year and a half, but in NYC fo...

Welcome Timi! I'm honored that my article was your doorway into Dev.to 🤗🤗

Which stacks/tech do you work with professionally?


Heey :)

I am glad too! :)

I work with react, react native, mobile and frontend stuff, and starting out with php more recently.

I can see you are doing rails. What is your purpose with being a developer?

Hi Timi,

I've freelanced in Wordpress for a few years. I decided to learn to code back in February. As a freelancer, my passion is providing efficiency and workflow solutions to small biz and nonprofits, so I'd like to continue in that vein as a developer 😁

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