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re: You've been doing some freelance web dev right? Could you do more of that? Local businesses and Craigslist, etc. Definitely a way to keep sharpenin...

Excellent suggestion Ben. Thing is my freelance work has been on a platform that I am moving away from (Wordpress). Now I've looked up some gigs requiring Rails etc but they tend to require advanced programmers. So that's my catch-22... any thoughts?


I feel like working on Wordpress is still decent work while you keep improving your overall programming knowledges. There is definitely a gap that can sometimes exist to get work in tech like Rails.

I was doing Wordpress dev right up until the point where I got my first Rails work. I actually started finding opportunities to do a bit of Rails work along the way as well though.

Ben and Arit, where did you personally have the best success finding freelance web dev work?

I found work through friends in industries. My brother is in the equestrian industry and he sent some horsey projects my way.

I also did Facebook ads and found consistent work that way. I had a simple landing page that presented myself like an agency of sorts.

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