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I'm a bootcamp grad too - my bootcamp was 6 months long and 100% online. I echo what Sally said: the structured approach of bootcamp can easily impart learning better than a self-taught route. However, with new bootcamps starting everyday, there are TONS of bootcamp-graduate devs in the job market. I can't speak for all companies, but I've spoken to a few HR depts and they've shared that they have a separate pile for bootcamp grads because they're finding that they have much more breadth in several areas, than any considerable depth in a few areas.

So my top advice would be (1) get comfortable with Git and collaborative coding (2) always think about and be prepared to explain the WHY behind your code (eg why did you choose that method? why did you construct the class that way?) (3) get into high-quality opensource because IMHO that is the closest you can come to a professional environment (4) get involved in local dev groups and consider presenting at a conference

I think these points will help distinguish you from the growing pack of bootcamp-grad devs. Good luck!!


Thanks for your great advice on setting apart my self, I really would like to contribute to high quality open source project in due time.The only thing I think I will struggle with is speaking at a conference, the attention of people focusing on me makes me nervous which leads to issues.On a side note, second day of bootcamp has just past and I'm learning alot stuff that I thought I knew the structure in the curriculum is worth it thus far and working with a remote partner is definitely something to get accustom too.

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