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re: Wow congrats on you first dev job!!!! 😃. You are right about getting accoustom to using other codebase besides your own. In my bootcamp we are pair...

Absolutely, the whole interview process took about 2 weeks.

First was a take-home coding exercise which they gave 3 days to complete. It was in Ruby and involved creating Classes and methods to process the data given. It was moderately challenging, for me anyways.

Second step was a non-technical phone conversation with the business people; this was more behavioral in nature - how do you work with others, etc. This was the most pleasant part of the process lol.

Last was a 3-hour on-site interview which was very technical; they used scenario-based questions, whiteboarding and pair-programming. At any given time I was speaking with 4-5 devs at a time, so it felt a little overwhelming. But I gave my best answers, and was sure to say "I don't know yet" when I didnt have a clue about a question.

Thanks for your reply, I guess there is no running away from it huh! Technical interview must present it self lol. You are a great writer also maybe you should write a book sometime.

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