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re: Hello Amana, Fazli Mola Jan here. I am Software Engineer having 3 years experience in Android App Development. I did some good projects but recentl...

Hi Fazli! My first question would be: What about your Android App dev job took your motivation away?

Was it the actual work - the coding?
Was it the salary level or benefits package?
Was it the work environment - perhaps your teammates or managers?
Was it the commute or the time away from home?

I assume that before you landed the Android dev job, you were very motivated to get the job right? So in my mind, there is something about your work experience that has cooled your passion.

I think when you get the the roots of why, you will know what needs to change at your next position, and maybe you'll get excited about finding a job that better fits your needs. Good luck my friend!

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