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re: How did you start looking for job and how did you convince recruiters to interview you when you did not have university degree in computers or any ...

excellent question ykinger! I never did ask recruiters what attracted them to me lol, but I was sure to do the following:

  • ensure that all sections of my LinkedIn profile were filled out, with no grammatical mistakes
  • ensure that every project of mine on GitHub (finished or unfinished) had a complete README.md, describing the project's purpose, technologies used, and links to the project demo on Heroku
  • I wrote a cover letter for each position I applied for. Nothing long, just 1-2 paragraphs summarizing my research into the company, as well as my suitability for the role

I used 3 methods to job hunt:

  • Reached out to technical recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Indeed.com
  • joined several tech Slack channels and local groups for networking purposes
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