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re: Would you suggest any other similar online courses that is enough to feel ready for the real world jobs?

Hello Ola!

There are so many courses online, it would be hard to suggest some over others. I've heard Udacity is pretty good.

As far as feeling ready, I don't think I ever did feel ready before applying. I left every interview feeling like I hadn't learn anything, but that's because programming is such a HUGE field. Even at work, I'm constantly reminded of what I don't know - but I welcome the feeling now because it is an invitation to learn.

So if your absolute goal is to land a job, then if you don't land one when you expect, you may be tempted to give up. BUT, if your ultimate goal is to keep learning (and have landing a job be a product of that), then yes, interview rejections may hurt, but they won't keep you from pursuing your goals.

Hope that helps!

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