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re: What's your take on TDD?

Great question Daniel,

I remember my first lesson in TDD during bootcamp; I was so THRILLED that there was a less tedious way to test my app's functionality lol! So I jumped headfirst into TDD.

Now that I'm working with a team that prioritizes TDD, I'm learning soooo much more. I write specs for about 80% of the code that I write. However, I have worked on tasks where passing specs didn't invoke 100% confidence that the code worked. I'm learning that in some situations, tests don't cover or capture everything.

So my take is: learn and embrace TDD for its power, but understand that it's not a substitute for conscientious, intelligent coding :D


Have you learn anything about Functional Programming?

Cool. I think that TDD is a great improvement for code confidence :D

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