re: Please school me on cross-posting from my blog! VIEW POST

re: I try not to have the same article posted multiple places or I will customize it per platform.

Thanks Andrew! Do you then suggest that I post "appetizers" on platforms like Medium, that then link to my blog post?


I don't know what "appetizers" are for social media but I will create micro-content on other platforms and try to shift my audience from one platform to another.

So for example. I wrote my LinkedIn Feedback article and then asked people to connect with me on LinkedIn and they can be for LinkedIn Profile feedback. Then after giving feedback I asked people if they could volunteer their profiles for a video review, so I'm going to bring that audience to my Youtube. After I bring them to Youtube I'm going to have a free give to get them into my email list.

I'm just trying to make my audience more resilient by capturing them across multiple platforms.

If I have a long form article here I can spin up micro-content on LinkedIn, Instagram or what have you.

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