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re: "important part of your developer persona" - yes, totally agree with that! But the very word "portfolio" sounds to me like something done to impres...

But the very word "portfolio" sounds to me like something done to impress, polished in every aspect, showing only selected best pieces.

Perhaps it is the use of the word "portfolio" that is throwing people off lol! for me, a portfolio is just that: a collection of your work meant to indicate your expertise (or lack thereof). My tips come from the understanding that, as our GitHub repos represent our code "portfolio", it makes sense to make the most of the first impression that that portfolio gives.

I believe there are situations when a polished profile is worthy thing

I've heard from dozens of developers (across all levels) how a well-organized GitHub made a positive impression on hiring managers. I'm one of them - I had more than one hiring manager comment on how refreshing it was to read my READMEs and get a strong sense of what my apps were about before even test-driving them. That said, I recognize that my tips are certainly not applicable in all situations.

I just wonder if we don't put too much pressure on how the Github profile should look

Now this is another discussion entirely lol, one I'm willing to have of course. Thanks!

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