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This may be a dumb question Andrew, but what do you do for work then?


Contracts, contracts and contracts.

I am at a point in my career where I can get hired at many places but I really want to work for very specific companies in very specific roles.

So unless I build that company myself (ExamPro) or the right company approaches me, then I just make money with ExamPro and do contract work to supplement.

In honest I would love to be a non-profit just producing endless amounts of video content, though that is hefty undertaking to get sponsorship.


Try they could use a nice bolster for their aws content and it's paid.


You don't necessarily need sponsorship, you could monetize a YouTube channel or have a class on Udemy. I wouldn't worry so much if Amazon gives you a job since you seem to be able to make a living off their product and there are endless opportunities without being tied down to their corporate structure.


I hear you.
Your ExamPro rates are super reasonable, so please don't feel badly about monetizing the content at all!
I wish you the best in finding your perfect role! You're blessed to be in the position to hold out for it 😄

And for the record, I think AWS is simply terrified of you 😏

I think AWS is simply terrified of you

Let's hope so. 😎

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