My first frustration-free OpenSource Pull Request

Arit Amana on September 03, 2018

Finally. FINALLY! I just opened my first opensource PR, with much less frustration than I've grown accustomed to expecting. For several months now... [Read Full]
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BTW, love your PR. I am going to request a change before it gets merged, but it's the perfect addition to the README.


This post pushes me to at least download a run the project locally...


Absolutely! I had no problems at all. My local env is on a mac on which I'm running Postgres. Let me know how ot goes!


Congrats there Arit~.

I dug through to see where the PR was. And it was how I got started as well a documentation change.

Trust me: #beginner-friendly doesn't always guarantee a smooth ride for a first-time contributor.

I can empathize with it as I had trouble getting one of the open source sites run on "Windows" to make a simple markdown file change.

One thing led to another, I ended up doing another PR to make it run on Windows. It was quite tough to get it working (as I was knew to it).

Would you be able to share the frustration you had and how you got over it 😉

And Hacktoberfest 2018 is happening soon and hope it can give you more confidence doing PRs 😎


Congrats on doing that PR with less frustrations! I get that so much :) Open source can be very intimidating and frustrating. Glad you didn't gave up!


I found my first PR super stressful trying to make it perfect... it wasn't 😜

Cool stuff @zhadyrassyn on getting your first PR merged! Documentation is important for projects and it's a great way to ease into a project.

If you're interested, here's a fun site to see what a person's 1st PR was. I remember trying to make a perfect first PR... it wasn't ;)

If you haven't read it yet, @jess has a great post for people new to open source.


Nice tool! :) According to it my first Github PR was adding documentation for the Potion programming language in 2010. But that must be wrong, since I have a bug fix commit in there that is more than 1 year older. _why's original repository got removed and some history may have been lost in the process...

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