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No more 'new-to-opensource' excuses!

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As a newly-minted coding bootcamp grad, I was terrified of opensource. During bootcamp, I had tried to configure dev environments for several well-known opensource projects, but that was an exercise in not-knowing-what-to-do-with-these-errors-from-the-abyss. So I took several steps back from the opensource community...

After bootcamp, I realized that I needed a way to continue coding together with other developers. No one in my immediate social circle was into coding, and my multifaceted responsibilities precluded me from getting involved in my city’s coding Meetups. I decided to venture back into opensource, and happened upon Dev.To.

(cue angelic choir...)

Configuring my DevTo dev environment was a literal breeze. And their super-supportive community came right to my aid with the few errors I encountered. My DevTo opensource experience became a hot topic at my job interviews, and helped me demonstrate my ability to integrate with a dev team and be useful.

I recently discovered that DevTo has added a 3rd installation option with GitPod. I was so excited that I decided to create a short tutorial on using GitPod to get started with the DevTo project. I truly hope to inspire several code newbies like me to finally get into opensource!

The tutorial is a five-part series, which I have posted below.

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This is great -- I haven't touched opensource yet but your post has me feeling inspired!


Awesome!! I'm glad I could inspire you to get into open source! DevTo has truly made it so easy 😊


Really appreciate this Arit you have made it so simple to get started :D


Isaac, thank you so very much!