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Hi Everyone,
I'm Stepan, DevOps engineer, in past system administrator (8 months :D) technology consultant focusing on automation of high-scale deployments (8 years). As you can imagine, in my job I do Kubernetes, Docker and a lot of CI/CD stuff.

Now I'm trying to be more Dev than Ops. Although scripting is my daily bread - programming is a whole new discipline to me. Language of my choice was Golang, I'm investing part of free time to studying of app. design patterns and related technologies such as tracing.

Time to time I write posts ( about my experiments and that's why I'm here. I'm gonna write all my future posts here, Medium and their paywall policy is something I can't tolerate - I write my posts because I deeply believe in sharing of knowledge.


Welcome, Stepan!

Where do you do most of your scripting? I've been swimming in PowerShell for a while now, and I'm getting more comfortable all the time.


Hi Jesse, Thanks for the welcome.
In past, it was mostly Powershell since I was working with VMware vSphere products a lot. It's definitely the most powerful scripting language available out of the box :) Now I'm mostly scripting id POSIX Shell (in CI/CD processes I need portability) and Groovy (Jenkins). Groovy is piece of hell IMHO 😀

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