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Discussion on: Side Project Ideas #14 - Choose the boring path

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Oh my :) this is so much unsexy, not-clickbaity, not fun, as possible :D
And what's worst, builds on idea that you shouldn't challenge what you are presented in your life :D
This kind of blog will be the most boring, empty, disenchanting and uninspiring thing to read!

What's more, it will fail in the IT industry where classic way of doing things - is not working.
Get best grades, get to best college, get beat grades, work hard for a large company, be something like Japanese salaryman.

Honestly speaking, for me, the idea itself is doing more harm than good. Of course, there are areas where I'd go strictly by the book, like with medicine, but that doesn't mean that tricks outside of the book won't be useful, think of using placebo for treating various things, even lesser symptoms of mental health issues. It works.

I don't know from which culture you come from but for me the conservative approach is, well, limiting and drives failure. There is this TEDx video about why the majority is always wrong. Please, watch it.