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Awesome intro to Tailwind.

It's not for everyone, but like you said, if somebody's willing to put in a bit of work to figure out what all the classes mean, and they want to style their site/app from scratch using little more than their own imagination, there's really no easier/better way.

I'll definitely recommend this article to anybody that has to put up with my use of Tailwind, since I couldn't make a better argument for it myself.

Tailwind makes a daunting task a lot more approachable, and it's probably helped me write more maintainable /less redundant styles (since it's literally right there in the class names what they do, and there's less digging through a bunch of external Sass to find the custom class I needed to use), though I don't think I'd be able to do everything with Tailwind alone. But it's a super helpful tool, regardless.

I use the Tailwind Intellisense and Headwind Class Sorter VS Code extensions (along with a comprehensive Stylelint config) so the styles basically write themselves these days.

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