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Aleksei Matiushkin, Could you take a look at this? link.

Ruby 2.5.1 CSV library is not properly parsing a csv(.txt) file when parsed with headers. Which works just fine with 2.3.3 or 2.4.4.


How the debugging of 3rd party library bugs within an explicit ruby version is any kind of CR? This is the perfect question for Stack Overflow and I am pretty sure there are many people ready to help you with this.

I don’t have ruby environment at all, but you might start with

- converter = lambda { |field, _| field.strip rescue field }
+ converter = lambda { |field, _| field.strip rescue field.to_s }

Rescuing to nil might cause issues, also I doubt I can understand why.



I know I am late. I found this post just now.
and I would like a CR if you have time.
Github Link


Please make a PR with the piece you want to be CRed. I cannot review everything, and without a PR there is no way for the reviewer to leave comments in GH.


Please find the url which of PR. This is only one controller. I needed to make Elo rating system for Game of thrones kings for there battles.
Github Link

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