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Clean Up Feed + Clean Up Notifier

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Can we please have:

  • filter to never show in the feed anything shorter than 1K chars
  • setting to mute the notification bell 🔔 for everything save for replies

Also, I would be glad to know if the filters of any kind are indeed planned. Blacklisting tags is a most wanted one.

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Maybe just open a PR, it's open source after all. I know you're not fond of forks, PR, etc., so if you wanna just send a patch you can email it to me and I'll take care of the rest.


If we’re talking implementation details, I think tags should be given weight via a number as a primitive to work with.

For example:

Ruby: 1.0
JavaScript: -10 (if you hate JS)

For those who hate JS. Would be flexible and let people really tailor their feeds towards their interests.

User mutes/blocks are another thing. Any number of ways to go about that. I have an implementation in the works but trying not to rush it and go in the wrong direction.


I think tags should be given weight via a number as a primitive to work with.

Bounded or unbounded, ints or floats (you use both in your example), what sort of UI do you want for this? I'd probably just make buttons like --, -, 0, +, ++ for now, which can be represented as -10, -5, 0, 5 and 10. If you really want to expose something more complex it can always be added later on.

0 is redundant :)

Also, I would go with 3: block, not a fond of, show me that.

The intention of the "0" button was to be able to change a tag back to the default value (whatever that may be internally), so I don't think it's redundant from the perspective of the UI I had in mind.

For this there should be a specifically dedicated place buried somewhere in settings. Once the button is pressed, buttons should disappear (block probably with a confirmation.)

I doubt anybody is going to change their tastes three times a day.

I doubt anybody is going to change their tastes three times a day.

The last 5 or so years of mostly building consumer focussed web and mobile applications disagree with this ;-) "What happens if I press this? Oh, now the buttons are gone, let me immediately open a support request and yell at someone over on Twitter..."

True that. Happily enough the audience here is more or less tech-savvy.

Also, for the first time the button is pressed we might show the modal disclaimer saying “you might always switch it back in the settings,” as e.g. G does almost everywhere.

5 buttons in a row are too much in any case.


Please do not do the specific implementation for some particular stuff. You will regret soon.
There is enough of the codebase already to provide a generic solution.


ROFL. If I’d start emailing you all the garbage that I am not fond of, you’ll end up hiring a gunman after me :)

I was thinking about that myself, but I am also not very fond of ruby nowadays and setting the whole test environment scares me a bit.

I will probably do nevertheless.


OK, jokes aside, @ben if there is not much work already done with filters, I could provide a PR in a matter of a week.

Please let me know if you are interested in. That would be a generic filters implementation, allowing to filter virtually anything that can be filtered.


Can I follow up about this on Monday? Will need to look into current state of things.


Well, sure thing. You could call me at any time; after all I feel grateful and obliged for this site existence in the first place :)

Hey, it's Tuesday. You can see we've shipped some basic updates to notifications. Not specifically what you're describing, but things like that are on the way.

I'll give folks the heads up once this is in a more stable place to describe for any community contributions.


I think this kind of stuff should be a possibility, but should not be endorsed, since if junior devs have an idea of something amazing as “bad and overcomplicated” for example, there’s no way for them to change their mind if they see somehing contradict their assumptions.


Also, the ability to mark an article as "read" so it stops showing up in the feed

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