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Haskell was created as an open-source standard for purely functional programming languages. Idris, in turn, was created because Haskell never succeeded to prove it might be used outside of the academia (well, I exaggerate it a bit.) Also, Idris has dependent types, which is far more useful than just static strong types.

I never said strong typing is bad. It is good, to some extent. It is not a panacea nor a silver bullet to make the code error-prone all of a sudden. It could help sometimes. It might make a development process a disaster (think of the boilerplate of types needed in Haskell to just start coding a simple web service.)

I am positive, the typing should be implied and checked by some external tool, as it’s done in Erlang. Making types a part of the language is plain wrong. Sometimes I just want the function to accept anything.

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