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re: When I was younger I used to hate on different languages too. Many years and 10 or so languages later I'm happy to say that they all suck in their ...

Turing complete languages are essentially just morphisms of finite state automata


When I see two developers arguing, say, python vs ruby, I always imagine a scuffle of native speakers, like “German language is better than Russian language because of Goethe”—“Nah! have you ever heard about Tolstoy?”


I see some great potential blog post titles in this: "Pushkin doesn't scale!" or "Schiller considered harmful".


— DRY violations in Don Quixote
— SRP by example: characters in War and Peace
— Singleton pattern in Byron’s poetry
Les Misérables vs Die Jungfrau von Orleans: comparison of GC approaches
— Delegation in Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
— Active Messaging between Rilke and Tsvetaeva
— ...

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