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re: The most hype I have heard about “we must hire juniors” actually comes from (surprisingly enough) juniors. When I was "junior", I didn't know any...

from experienced developers who have good relationships with their newbies

Well, maybe.

and want other orgs to do the same

That’s the thing that drives me nuts. Many developers are fine using Apple devices, despite the evidence of unacceptable working conditions at their Chinese factories. Many developers are fine using AWS despite working conditions at Amazon in general. And now I am told I have to do something these developers consider being good.

The subject is not generalizable at all. Some juniors are fine being and feeling juniors (they grow fast.) Some have an impostor syndrome and need some additional care. Some just need to be fired for claiming to treat them as seniors.

This world is not b/w. General solutions do rare if never work.

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