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Why would you want to read ten different React beginners articles or my ramblings about the non-technical side of development?

Because both seem interesting to me.

just because you aren't at a place in your career where you find it interesting or beneficial, I think it's a little insulting to call it crap

Well, that is not about my career and not about me in general. Everybody has a list of topics to be named “crap” and I just used this word as “virtual reader’s definition of crap.”

I personally prefer to discuss development process itself or developer’s entertainment aka ramblings about the non-technical side of development, and not “42 advises on how to fool the employer,” what basically all the career advises are about. I got to that place in my career by constantly cultivating and refining my skills, not my following internet advises on how to sell myself better. Skillset is what should count, not the ability to produce a good résumé or to answer questions on the interview. I worry about the industry full of imposters knowing nothing but how to pass the interview.

But still, all the above does not matter in this discussion. I never claimed I expect dev.to to make anything for me to feel better. My concern is the future of this site, not my happiness.


Perhaps rather than blocking tags, a better solution would be an option to automatically hide any post with a number in the title.

Only half joking.

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