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re: Excellent points. Regarding the last point. Consider that many people do not have your self-confidence to brush aside (even indirect) personally-t...

I could not agree more.

Also, I have to bold this: I am not advocating the willingness to fight. What I am actually advocating is being welcome to the diversity of any kind.

The set of rules is fine, and nobody should have issues following one. People (thank God :) are different and what hurts Jim does not hurt Gem at all, and vice versa. We cannot predict at all what actually hurts Joe. That is exactly why I don’t believe much in rulesets. Immature persons who don’t understand how to behave in a society are always losing without any rules. But the more strict rules are, the more innocent persons who do not fit—let’s call it culture—literally suffer from these rules implications.

I think the attempt to decrease the amount of those who were oppressed by existing strict rules is a good goal. Even better than having one jerk explicitly banned due to the existence of the rules.

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