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re: Also, the junction table approach still doesn't give me what I want, since the un-junctioned records collide on the join criteria: [local] dian#...

Indeed. This is a perfect example of how blinkered are we (I :) might be with our background, experience and expertise.

Say, 20 times in my life I saw FULL JOIN in the legacy DBs, that I always could have refactored to the joined tables. I never met the example of a kind you just shared (btw, thank you again and again for taking time doing that, I really appreciate and value it.)

And—voilà—I stupidly made the wrong assumption based on my experience, expertise and all that crap.

Very enlightening.

You're welcome! :) I should say that the case I mentioned with sites and stations is, to my memory, one of maybe two or three times I've actually written a full join in application code over more than a decade of designing databases and writing SQL. It's really rare, but an important tool nonetheless.

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