re: My experience with Go: I didn't like it in the beginning, I read some snippets around and was balking at pointers, C like constructs, error handl...

Finally! This response is a sip of fresh water all over comments.

Hereby I agree with everything you’ve stated.

I by no mean want Go to disappear or something. I just was pointing out to general design flaws and asked to stop calling it a panacea and the best language ever.

Erlang has been having better concurrency for 30 years already and I frankly don’t think the main goal in CS should be to lower a threshold for newcomers. Maybe it would make sense to educate ourselves to pick up better solutions instead of simplest ones.

Everything else is fine :)


I think you have to have both. Higher standards and compromise.

Erlang has been there for 30 years but it took Elixir to get the model mainstream(ish), so something wasn't right. Go is a compromise even if I think they are overselling its concurrency model

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