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That is an incredible advise that deserves to be graved in stone.

I would only add (although as I said I am in 102% agreement with the general point) that people still should hesitate to give advises on topics they have little if no idea about.

Being open-minded enough to not be afraid of sharing opinions is fine until one feels a permissiveness to be wrong just because who cares. Turning back to your example with smoking, it’s like somebody who lived their whole life in the place where no tobacco ever existed would give advises to indeed start smoking.



Couldn't agree more.

I think the missing piece of the equation is transparency. Just be honest about where you're at. You can still talk about topics you're not an expert in, but there's a right way to go about it and a wrong way. Bring it up in a way that highlights your lack of experience, something like "I've only recently started using [tool x], but something that really stands out to me is..."

I think honesty is the line that separates the hypocrites from the rest.

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