Honoring Copyrights

mudasobwa profile image Aleksei Matiushkin ・1 min read

Can we please explicitly state somewhere in the Site Rules or how you name it, that when publishing any image, photo, or whatever, the copyright must be put near it?

I saw some people whining about their writings being plagiarized, while maybe a half of articles has a leading image without any reference to its author.

Here is the service that allows to find where in the Internets the image was stolen. https://yandex.com/images/


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It's worth noting that if the author finds images the proper way citation is often sometimes not required. A good resource for this is Awesome Images, my personal favorite site listed there is Pexels. Always make sure you're aware of what license an image is under and what the terms of that license are. If one isn't explicitly provided, it's considered under copyright and using that image for an article would be infringing.


While it might be not explicitly required, I am positive mentioning the author who helped us to make the writing more attractive is worthy.




I definitely agree. How do you see references should be declared? I usually put the source in the markdown format of the image inclusion, both between square brackets and after the image path. But I'm really not sure if this is enough.


How do you see references should be declared?

Uhoh, I am definitely not the best person to propose UI solutions :)

I am pretty sure though that any mention, in any form is far better than no citation at all. To avoid the necessity to solve the riddle “how do I put the reference in the markdown,” I use my own photos. Maybe they are not as exciting as those made by professionals, but at least I can deal with copyright issues that indeed appear (will appear soon) in twitter snippets (they use the leading image,) crossposts etc.

I see this as a moral issue for authors and expect it to become legal issue for dev.to in general.


Good point, must admit I've been guilty of this at least once.