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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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I see questions like this a lot. There are so many Linux distros to choose from. However, many of the choices you've listed are just debian-based systems. The only one that isn't is Manjaro, which is what I use. At the end of the day, the nitty gritty of which distro you use and what it's based on probably won't matter at all. What I find matters when I choose is how easy it is to first install and configure, install new apps, upgrade the system, and how easily I can get support for my GPU. I chose Manjaro because it's excellent at providing an easy user experience. Ubuntu is a kinda-close second. Manjaro really shines in that getting new apps via the Arch User Repository is amazing, and upgrading the system and kernel is easier than ever. It's a rolling release distro too, which you may like or dislike depending on how new you like your software (it has the near-newest). Think of it this way: with Manjaro you get all of the perks of Arch Linux without the extra complexity you hear about. Regardless of which distro you choose, the desktop environment you choose is almost as important. For a balance of performance / features MATE will always be a first choice. I use Gnome right now though, and I'm planning to test out KDE again to see if it's more stable than last time I used it.