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Discussion on: I'm Vivek Saraswat, investor in Dev Tools + Infra startups @ Mayfield and former product leader @ Docker/VMware/AWS. AMA!

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Muhammad Wasif • Edited

Which type of tech startups are going to be next billion dollars startups? Because THE APPS are too much and do you think if someone creates an APP, it may do a million dollar business?
Which domains are going to be next Facebook and Google.
Artificial Intelligence? AR/VR? Quantum Computing? What do you think?

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Vivek Saraswat Ask Me Anything

Hi Muhammad! If somebody knows exactly which startups would be the next billion companies, please let me know =). I certainly have my theories, which I outlined in this post from January. To reiterate briefly, they are Cloud Native Day 2 (operations that keep modernized apps aand infra running in a production setting), Developer Augmentation (workflows for product development personnel that augment repetitive tasks, provide actionable insights for executives, and facilitate remote collaboration) and ML for the Masses (provide infrastructure platforms for machine learning and unlock its potential for non-data scientists).

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