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Customizing a Button with React Material and JSS

Muhi Masri
UI architect and JavaScript specialist with emphasis on efficiency and great user experience.
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React material is a great library to use for UI elements, grids, or even to create your own design system that could support multiple projects. It comes with lots of mature and functional components and uses JSS, a tool for CSS which allows you to use JavaScript to describe styles in a declarative way.

Material components have built-in styles and options but in many cases you still need to customize (could be behavioral or styling changes). Today, I will show you how to add a new variant to a Button. Currently, it comes with three variants (text, contained, and outlined):

We are going to add a “pill” style as an option to make the button fully round. It is very common to have round and square buttons used interchangeably within a web app. Take Airbnb as an example, the search button is round while the signup is square.

Since we need to combine the round shape with different variants (like contained or outlined), it makes more sense to add it as separate property. So let’s get right into it!

Step 1: Setup React Project

Create React App and install React Material

npx create-react-app react-material-button-variant
npm install @material-ui/core

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Step 2: Create a Custom Button

We will create a new Button.js component and inherit all properties from Material Button using withStyles function. withStyles allows us to access the Button’s CSS API. In our case, we need to modify the root rule name.

Also, as shown below, each rule accepts a function where the component’s props can be passed as a parameter. Now, by checking whether or not the pill prop is added, we can easily change the button’s radius.

Tip: you have full access to JavaScript while styling, so if needed you can replace the borderRadius value with a sharable and more complex function that computes and customizes styles on the fly!

Step 3: Test Custom Button

Finally, we can import the new custom button and add the pill prop with different variants:

Final Thoughts:

You might be asking why not just modify Material Theme Provider or add a new CSS class directly to the component? Why creating extra work and add a wrapper? Well, if you are using it once and the button has barely any customization then sure, it’s simpler to add a CSS class and get it done with. But if you have a fully customized design system that continuously adapts and progresses to meet new business requirements, then you need to think like a library provider, not just a developer. Meaning, you need to create isolated and composable components that support your design system and provide consistency across all products.

You can access the full repository here. I hope you enjoyed learning from this article and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

For more related articles, you can visit my site or signup for the latest articles and updates. Bye for now 😊

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