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This Is My Second(surely not the last) website

muhimen123 profile image Muhimen ・2 min read

It's been long since I wrote this blog.

Where I asked a horrific question.


But you guys, my AWESOME DEV fellows didn't let me down. The responses from that blog were so inspiring that

Deserve ... that's an odd way to frame things, but ok.

Yes, you do, forever and always!

It's awesome how you understood and enjoyed the issues with your design. Nobody starts perfectly. So I'll suggest you explore more.

Everyone has to start somewhere!

As long as you had fun and are interested in learning more, you should keep creating websites 😁

I decided to make my second ever website!

And hereby I present to you my Second Website - Muhimen123


My main concern for this project was not to make it good looking or "Dashing" but to avoid the previous mistakes and pitfalls I have made. I used Bootstrap 4 for the CSS framework. For me, using pre-existing codes and changing them as I needed was a pretty good experience(call me as much lazy as you wish. I won't mind).

It's clear as daylight that this website isn't completely error-free.


But I think it's way better than the previous one. And Hopefully, this explains a lot.


There isn't a lot to say about the website. But you can feel free to visit it anytime. And don't be mistaken by thinking this is my portfolio. Although it looks like one, it isn't. My final portfolio will be way better than this(I promise 😉)

And before you leave this blog, let me ask you one more question.

What shall I make for my third website?

Until next time, happy coding for you.

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joelbonetr profile image

You don't need to do a website, moreover if you feel comfortable enough by building them and you feel the job easy you can add some extra difficulty to it by making them dynamic (with an secure admin panel, binding content from the DB to the view and so) with different technologies.

You can also develop one without using any framework, which for sure will give you more knowledge about CSS (using flex and/or grid is easy those days, I still remember making a responsive websites using like thousand media queries) :'D

Both things combined also makes you closer to professional web app development