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Discussion on: What are the least expensive cloud providers at various levels of use?

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Build a Meteor + (Vue, React, Svelte, Angular, or Blaze) app and you can use Meteor Galaxy Hosting. You can use it 1 month for free and a starter app for just $7 a month. Crazy good deal for everything you get.

You can also shut down the container if you don't have active users if you really want to save money during development.

And there is no faster way on the planet to build a full-stack app than with Meteor. Get mobile & desktop installables with PWA options added.

Galaxy runs on AWS EC2 containers. You can increase the size of containers, or the number of containers to scale. It's effortless.

With Meteor, you typically use MongoDB as your main database and you can run a 3 node replicating cluster on MongoDB's Atlas product for free to start, and you can scale up from there too.

So basically you can start for almost free and there is no limit, pay only for what you use / need.