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How to sustain your business with esteem .com domain?

muqadamnavicosoft profile image Muqadam Navicosoft ・2 min read

Do you hear a lot of time about the .com domain, don’t you?

.com is a well-known domain that dominates the internet to represent your business entity. Every day you drive into an internet journey, searching for anything you want, you will certainly have come across many website addresses with ‘.com’ at the rear.

Let’s head back to the short history:

In 1985, when .com was launched to support the business framework of the World Wide Web. Captivatingly, MIT internet pioneer Jack Haverty believes that .Com initially derived from “company” rather than “commercial.” He went onto illustrate that at the beginning, they were for companies doing government contract work.

Even though, the meaning behind .com or any other website that uses its rule has been changed. Nowadays, .com is the most well-sustainable domain and a trusted verdict for businesses and individuals worldwide.

.com domain as a kick start of your emerging business:

Well, one thing to note, as you know by earlier .Com domain is Top-Level Domain TLD which is the most eminent and oldest domain extension. Therefore, a lot of domains have already snapped up.

Don’t be troubled, and there are still many ways to kick start your business with your dream domain. Here are some key points to follow up for a good impression for a usability objective.

• Make your domain handy to type.

• Ensure keywords are related to your business.

• Initially, target a local audience if possible and actionable.

• Pick something catchy and memorable that is hooked with your brands.

• Fend off from trademarks or homogeneous domain names.

• Catch up on your dream domain as soon as you decide on it.

• Use a suitable domain extension.

• Make the domain comprehensive to facilitate future sustainability (e.g, as compare to

• Keep away from nonsensical names; pick up a name that manifests a meaning that users will know promptly what your business is.

• Try to build an SEO-friendly website address that contains keywords and geological domain. e.g. (“”).

• Lastly, come up with the most crucial topic to be discussed below.

Sustain your business with esteem .Com Domain:

Sustain your business website with esteem .com domain by using the most pivotal SEO practices that you employ to ensure search engines index and rank your website properly and then show it to search engine users. Once your website is “crawled” by the search engine (Google), it competes with websites that have similar content. The better your website design and content is creative, the higher your site will pop up on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

So the SEO-strategy is extremely indispensable to sustain your business with esteem .Com domain that can mean the showing up on the first page on SERP. It will bring more traffic to your business website for sustainability in the digital market.

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