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Honestly speaking, you deserve more subscribers. I have referred your channel in my organization. Everybody shared the same feedback with me. Everybody became knowledgable now in Docker and Kubernetes.

Nana is there is any possibility for you to have 1*1 online meet with you. I want to discuss/suggest a few technical topics which many of the college graduates/experienced people are looking for.

Please let me know if that is possible for discussion. If possible I will send a zoom meeting invite to you.

Thanks & Regards,
N.Murali Krishna.


Hi Murali!
Thank you so much, really happy to hear that you shared my videos and they were helpful to all your colleagues. That's amazing 🙂

Could you please write me the topics you would like to suggest. Unfortunately my time schedule is too crammed for a meeting the next weeks :s

Thanks a lot again & all the best,


Are you interested in doing videos in Kafka using KafkaJS in Node. Because there is very less content available over internet at this moment. All content in theory is there but not in practical.

  1. What is Apache Kafka?
  2. How to produce and consume messages?
  3. What is consumer group and how kafka rebalances when one of the conumer goes down?
  4. How to handle back pressure in Kafka using Manual committs?

If you are not clear on any of the topics, I am much more happy to discuss with you.

Thanks & Regards,
N.Murali Krishna.

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