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Using the best possible tools to building my SaaS business. Originally from Kitwe, now living in the capital Lusaka.

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Diploma in Fire Science Engineering


FullStack Developer at Osabox

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Automate Taking Website Screenshots With Selenium in Python

using the solutions you provided here, I have been able to ad...

Announcing the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon on DEV!

I will try out my already existing PHP project turn in into p...

Vanilla JavaScript text-to-speech πŸ’¬

Wow, you inspire me. This is awesome.

Automate Taking Website Screenshots With Selenium in Python

Hello Sir. Thanks for this tutorial. I have learnt a lot.

πŸ“· How to take a screenshot of a webpage with JavaScript in Node.js (using puppeteer)

Iam new to puppeteer. How can i achieve the same result with ...

Get OS details from the webpage in JavaScript. πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ

can you give an example?

JavaScript every() method

Never knew about these method. Thanks for sharing. We can fo...

Detect browser and its version in javascript

This was helpful.

Tired of Deployments, built my own Heroku

I wish to congratulate you for the brave decision you took to...

Transfer Photos and Files from Android to Mac, iPhone to Android, and more...

I have bookmarked airDash and looking forward to using it.

MovieDex - My first React project!

Nice works and great article.


your response is highly appreciated. Let me try to check thro...

What's that piece of code that you have to Google *every time*?

Bootstrap navigation...

Looking for Web/App Developer to join our Food Devivery project as a partner

send me a whatsapp at +260969434999

Spent the whole day redoing my landing Page


Top 50 CSS Buttons (+ animations)

This is so cool. was looking for something to spice up my f...

PHP to Node Js

@rhymes . Thanks you so much. I will look it up later. I ap...

PHP to Node Js

Thank you so much for the response. I have decided to stick...

Welcome Thread - v21

Thanks. Let me do that

Welcome Thread - v21

Hello Daniel... Can you please be my mentor? I have been co...

Welcome Thread - v21

Hey, I checked your website and i sent you a mail. I would ...

Welcome Thread - v21

Hello Everyone. My names are Mutale Mulenga. I am in Zambia...