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Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam

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The ultimate guide to conversational relationships and customer engagement

Nobody ever starts a business with the intention of giving poor customer service. Due to technological limitations, however, companies face an impossible decision as they grow: either spend money on appeasing users through extravagant customer service or reduce cost of doing business and enhance efficiency dramatically. However, most enterprises have received attention from the global business community on striking a balance between the both. Small or large brands must provide their customers with a fast and personal experience. Customers value the quality of the experience as much as the products and services they receive. In today’s world, where consumers are aware of their rights, it is vital for businesses to offer remedial customer service like 1:1 phone calls or real-time chats, to maintain a personal touch. Impersonal forms and emails with "do not reply" are used to deflect customer interactions for efficiency.


As per Hubspot research, 68% of users are willing to pay more for services when offered decent customer service. However, our ability to provide personalized experiences and be efficient have fallen victim to massive shifts in customer expectations over the last few years. No company can stay in business if it cannot meet customer expectations.

A solution to the dilemma for companies is Chatwoot business messenger. Regardless of their size, companies can use this messenger for a personal and efficient customer experience. Therefore, these businesses see a boost in sales, loyalty, and recommendations from customers.

Chatwoot has the potential to transform the way businesses build customer relationships. Relationships that are based on conversation aren't just a thing for early adopters. Customers are capable of easily switching brands, so companies must shift their focus to conversational relationship management, rather than simply investing in dormant user experience. This is a necessity, there is no way around it. Your competitors have already lost to you if you do it. Here’s why.

Customers expect a conversational experience

Companies need to have conversations because their customers expect them to. A messaging app can provide a personal experience to 80% of consumers if businesses are aligned. These apps make communication easy, quick, fun, and even enjoyable. While you and your friend were social distancing, you probably communicated via text or other messaging apps.

As messaging apps become ubiquitous at home and in the workplace, they have changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Nielsen research indicates that consumers are increasingly interacting with brands via messaging apps. A majority of people, 53%, say they are more likely to buy from a business offering personalised chat service rather than emails and forms. Messengers are seen to be the best way to deliver personal and conversational customer service.

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