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Discussion on: An Organizer's Guide to Pronoun Buttons

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Please don't let this community become a sounding board for political opinions. Excellent or slightly less good developer or tech oriented content is what I've loved getting from this place and I will always come back for informational articles. A political dungbattle serves only to cloud the beautiful structure of programming - placing form over function. Seems a tad backwards.

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Josh Symonds

This is a guide for how people who want to make other people more comfortable can do so in engineering contexts. I'm uncertain how that's political. It also isn't significantly different from other programming-adjacent content on here. But even if it were, you're not required to read it, especially if the content didn't seem pertinent to your interests from the title or lede.

In the future, if you see content that seems uninteresting to you, I would suggest you don't read it, and then also don't comment on it.